Where has the time gone?!

Where has the time gone?!

September flew by so fast and October was a literal flash!  We had an awesome show meeting some great people at the Radio Expo in Belvidere, IL and we followed that up with our first appearance at the 2nd Annual Lake County Jeep Club Jeep Invasion in Grayslake, IL.  This show was a blast with the largest crowd we have had an opportunity to present our products to, we hope to be there every year!

2nd Annual Lake County Jeep Club Jeep Invasion

Got to get on some dirt with one of our real-world testers who is not afraid to put his rig in sketchy situations...ALL DAY LONG!  The RadioPod has held up well in every situation and we will be testing some new clamp options to make the whole setup a bit cleaner and closer to the roll cage, stay tuned for updates on this one, we hope to get on the trails with this crew more often in the future!  Definitely pushed the XJ to some new limits and the peer pressure was a fun dose of childhood.

Badlands RadioPod Testing Session

In the shop we have been working on some custom requests which led to some new products in the way of the AMPS Double Splitter line of products and the AMPS Bezel Converters.  These allow you to split 1 AMPS mount into 2 AMPS mounts, convert 1 AMPS mount type into another, add some color to your build-out, or do all of them at the same time!  These are available in all of the colors we currently offer and we can customize these too if there other ideas, just message us to get started!

AMPS Products

We had a great shop visit at Tackform who manufactures some of the best attachment options on the planet and has the coolest staff in house doing what they love.  We will be offering their products directly on our website as well as utilizing their attachments for the attachment options you choose with our RadioPods and AMPS Bezels.

*cough* CRAWL *cough* subtle hint at something coming soon to newstands everywhere!  It may actually be already in your possession!!  More to come on this of course, however, we are definitely excited in this arena.  

New product in testing - as always, we love to make new things and sometimes new ideas are brought to us, which is awesome!  This product will allow you to mount a certain item without having to drill holes in your dash and will be compatible with all of the current mounting solutions on the market just like the rest of our products.  Does anyone run custom switch boxes for controlling all sorts of things in your rig like lights, lockers, air compressor, missle launcher, ejection seats, you know...the usual?  If so, keep an eye on our Instagram @radiopodofficial for the latest news because we may have something for you very soon!!


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